20 Strangest Places To Find Food

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From drinking your tea from a lightbulb to finding your baked beans in a clock, here are the 20 Strangest Places To Find Food. \r
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#9 - Drinking Tea From A Lightbulb\r
Hailing from China, there is a restaurant called Royaltea where it serves tea and other beverages out of an odd assortment of household objects, like a light bulb. While they take out the electrical wiring from inside the lightbulb, I would be afraid that the thing would shatter in my hand if I gripped it too hard or set it down on the table too quickly. \r
#8 - Ketchup In A Syringe\r
Unless you are catering to a crowd of vampires or throwing a bash on Halloween, you shouldnt be putting any type of food in a syringe, especially not any blood red food. However, regardless of what I think, people are serving up mac and cheese along with a few drops of bloody ketchup. Good luck trying to eat your meal if youre squeamish. \r
#7 - An Orthodontist Turned Chef\r
There really isnt any other explanation for this disturbing photo. Why would someone do this, the concept itself is puke worthy. The way the food is placed on this makeshift “plate” is even more creepy. It makes it look like there are maggots or insects crawling out of the roof of someones mouth. Never in my life would I eat something off of a plate made from a mold of someones mouth. Gross. \r
#6 - Eating From A Dustpan\r
This is just as gross as eating stuff directly from the trash can. As you can see in this picture, this dustpan that they have served food on doesnt even look clean. Look at the tip in the bottom of the picture; thats disgusting. The restaurant that serves this lovely dish is in Brussels; I would recommend avoiding if you like eating from ual dishes. \r
#5 - A Bathtub Bowl\r
This may not be a full-sized bathtub, but the f that dessert is being served in any sort of appliance from the bathroom makes me want to go wash my hands. However, this guy doesnt look like eating out of a bathtub is going to stop him from enjoying his dessert. \r
#4 - Served In A Rock\r
While this trend may catch on with extreme nature lovers, it hasnt exly caught on with the rest of us. You know, the people who enjoy food in regular bowls, plates, and cups. This would be the sort of dish you would find Fred Flintstone eating out of, but thats just because he lived in the stone age and had no other choice. You have a choice people, choose dishes. \r
#3 - Its Your Serve\r
If you have a game in the next few minutes and you still wanted to grab a bite to eat, this is probably what youd have in front of you. That is, if you were strange and couldnt be patient enough for you to finish your food. Maybe you deserve to have this racket served to your face! Just kidding, but this is a strange replacement for a plate. \r
#2 - Jail Food\r
This dish takes a whole new approach to jail food. These tiny beef wellingtons are served on a plate of barbed wire. I think I smell a lawsuit in the works. If we have to put warning labels on hot coffee, I could only imagine how this is going to turn out. Oh, Im not sure if this person already ate most of the food off the plate, but I would be pissed if a waiter brought me a plate with two little pieces of food on it. Take this back; I want a burger, hold the barbed wire. \r
#1 - Baked Beans\r
Normally if you asked someone where they would find baked beans the answer would sound something like, “in a can, at the grocery store,” or “at a BBQ.” An answer that you most likely wouldnt get would be inside a clock. Who knows what in the world possessed someone to dump a can of baked beans inside of a clock, but here it is.
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