**END TIMES NEWS** - Secret Peace Plan Revealed / Antichrist Churches Rising

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ETNM has adopted a Roma Community in Bulgaria: All donations, (unless otherwise specified) are used to feed, clothe and educate the Roma children in the gypsy ghetto in Bulgaria, where 80% of the 36,000 residents are illiterate and living conditions are abysmal.

This work is supported fully (and only) by donations from the viewers of this channel.

What are we doing?

1) - We preach the gospel!. We hold a youth service every single day of the year. (Since July 2016)... Some of our youth now preach on a weekly rota, and the revival we are seeing among them is amazing!. We employ a part time youth pastor, and other support workers who are in church literally DAILY, assisting the spiritual growth of our youth. The children have been praying for the salvation of their familes, so in November 2017 we started adult services 4 times a week... since then, we have seen over 250 of our childrens adult family members turn to Jesus.

2) - We have built a church building (100 seater), and are in the process of completing a 300 seater as we have seen such growth.

3) - We have built a school (80% of children here do not attend school), and employ teaching and kitchen staff. The school is kitted out with kitchen, wetroom, prayer room and playroom

4) - We feed over 100 children (4 times a week currently)

5) - We have opened a drop in centre for people that have nowhere to wash, wash their clothes, and we distribute 2nd hand clothes to those who have none.

6) - We undertake building projects to help the families in the most desperate need. Those with up to a dozen children all living in 1 room with no water or toilet for example. To date we have installed 22 wetrooms and toilets and built, repaired or extended several dwellings.

7) - We want to lift people out of the worst living standards, so along with building toilets and homes, we hope to provide or replace wood burning stoves (so people can cook and keep warm in the freezing winters), beds (as many people sleep on the floor, or on pallets and old cupboard doors), and doors and windows, as many have none, or decade-old, ill fitting ones (vital to keep the cold, and the rats out). To date we have provided over 100 stoves, 300 beds and installed dozens of doors and windows.

8) - Our vision is to see REVIVAL in every Roma (gypsy) village, ghetto, and community in Bulgaria. We believe that God is going to raise up the youth to preach the gospel to their people. We will do everything we can to facilitate this vision, trains and support them, and build churches across the nation. - Currently our young people have preached in 12 villages!

Please feel free to get in touch...
Please pray for us...
Please support us as and when you can...
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