Garet Garrett: The Revolution Was (1944) - New Deal Robs Americans of Gold Dollars so they Can't G

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An account of how Wall Street took over and destroyed the American economy and the American dollar of Harding "Return to Normalcy" and "Coolidge Prosperity" Garet Garrett offers this case study of "revolutionary technic" - telling how the New Dealers gotten in by the Stock Market Crash and the Deflationary Depression it Produced brought in the New Dealers disguised as populist democrats -- exactly what they were not. He describes how Roosevelts "brain trust" of revolutionaries and Bernard Baruch "back stage" with their revolution technique regarded the American vista which they came upon to work their mischief "must have been almost as incredible as Genghis Khan's first view of China - so rich, so soft, so unaware."

Garet Garrett defended the Mellon-Harding-Coolidge economic system through the New Deal and into the 1950s. In the 40's he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post -- which along with the Readers Digest of that day -- were the mainstays publications of the middle-class and small-business and rural-values America -- what in my early childhood was called "Taft Republican" politics.
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