Pawlik Automotive How Reliable Are Lexus Vehicles?

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Bernie Pawlik, Pawlik Automotive Vancouver, BC (604) 327-7112
Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local, we’re here with Bernie Pawlik, Pawlik Automotive in Vancouver, Vancouver’s favourite auto service experience, 16, 17, how many times is it now Bernie?

Bernie: 17

Mark: Seventeen time winners of Best in Vancouver, how you doing today Bernie?

Bernie: Really well.

Mark: So let’s talk about Lexus vehicles. How reliable are Lexus?

Bernie: Well in a nutshell, very reliable. There’s not a lot that goes wrong with them. They have a very good reputation. If you look at consumers reports and other reporting services for years and years and years, Lexus comes out on top for best reliability and lowest maintenance costs so they’re excellent vehicles in that respect.

Mark: So Lexus is the premium brand of Toyota, so how similar are they to Toyota?

Bernie: Well, in many ways they are very similar, although certainly they’re much more luxurious. So the interior fitments, you know the options in Lexus vehicles are definitely higher than Toyota’s. The Toyota Avalon is about the highest level of car that Toyota makes and Lexus kind of starts there and gets better, you find features like heated rear seats, just numerous luxury features that you won’t find in Toyota vehicles. But underneath the hood, a lot of them are similar and that’s a good thing because you’ve got shared components which keeps your repair and maintenance costs down and also allows the company to make more reliable components overall. So they are similar by they’re just you know, you won’t find a luxury version of a Toyota Echo for instance or a Lexus version of an Echo. But at the higher end models it just kind of goes up from there and they make a lot of sportier cars as well in the Lexus line which they don’t in Toyota

Mark: So what do you most commonly repair on Lexus vehicles?

Bernie: Seems like the most common repairs we do, I mean engine wise, so we’re talking newer, maybe in the last decade of vehicles, water pumps seem to leak, we seem to do a lot of shocks and struts and suspension items as well and again, these are on a little older side, you know they’re the 10 year and older cars, but really not a lot else, brakes of course things that just wear out in all cars, we do those. But it seems like suspension issues and the water pumps seem to be one of the weaker things, one of the components that seems to wear out more than other things. But other than that, they’re really exceptionally reliable.

Mark: So how about the hybrids?

Bernie: Hybrids are great. Hybrids, you know as a mechanic, they kind of scare me, not to fix them but just that there’s so much to go wrong, so much complexity and you’ve got your internal combustion engine and all the sophistication that goes along with that, plus you’ve got an electric motor, transmission unit, inverters, batteries, a whole plethora of other items that can go wrong and they rarely do. The only vehicle we’ve ever had was a Highlander hybrid that had a blown inverter. That’s the only major component we’ve ever seen go wrong with a hybrid. Now we don’t fit exclusively hybrids but generally there’s not a lot that goes wrong with them so it’s a kind of hybrid that I’d actually want to own myself. I don’t really want a car that I’d have to fix all the time especially one with the expensive parts, so the hybrid is, it’s a good option in these vehicles.
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