Transpartisan Politics- the Power of integrating Diversity: Joseph McCormick- The Future of Western

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It’s easy in current conditions for us to feel fearful or angry about the state of the world/country. There are a lot of bad things happening and many genuine threats to our way of life, freedom, prosperity and security. The trouble is thought that focussing on the negatives does not create the solutions nor does it attract others to help.

I’d like to invite people to re-orientate to the positive and to share:

- that which makes them really proud to be British, American, German…etc.

- those things which are already great and worth preserving

- their positive vision for the future to inspire others

- examples of where it’s working well already and how to get there

When was the last time you saw a bunch of Guardian/New York Times readers give a Daily Mail reader/Fox News Viewer a group hug? It’s not very likely is it? But it’s necessary because neither have got all the answers and both waste most of their energy in conflict with each other. In America they call that the “culture wars.”

To get to a better place, we’re going to need to step up to a more conscious, integral place where we take the healthy strands of all the parts and heal the wounded or broken ones. For example, when we talk about crime there are 4 main reactions:

1. Punish them.

2. Forgive them and love them

3. Blame poverty, poor parenting, racism, lack of opportunity

4. Rehabilitate them.

The energy is wasted in fighting between these positions. They’re all right and the solution needs to be composed of the healthy aspects of each. Naturally, people will gravitate to particular positions depending on their backgrounds, experience, emotional triggers, personality and situation.

There’s a great tool box, the Transpartisan Toolbox, used by “Reuniting America” and the Transpartisan Alliance, designed to get together people of very different, in fact all persuasions so as to address common goals and challenges. I really recommend trying it out.

I interviewed Joseph McCormick about this. He tells of his personal journey from hardened Republican to an integral transpartisan leader who tries to embody the best of left/right, conservative/liberal, authoritarian/libertarian, nationalist/internationalist, individual/group, control/freedom, heart/mind, masculine/feminine, security/peace, power/love, courage/compassion and so on.

This can be found at Reuniting America
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